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It can’t be that time already,

Surely not!

The green glow of the alarm flashing

My ears full of piercing sound

Dust has not had the chance to settle

The blanket is warm

My body toasty

My big toe tells me the weather

Before I’ve heard the latest

It’s cold that’s a matter of fact

Five more minutes won’t hurt

The blanket is warm

My body toasty

I never found what I was looking for

I never had enough

It’s not fair

Why does the day have to start?

It’s not on-others find it so easy

The body next to mine is

Oblivious to all that batters the window, and sounds

of parenthood coming from across the hall.

To stay where I am is the best place for me

The blanket is warm

My body toasty

There’s nowhere quite like it

It has to be said

The sun is not up, so why should I?

Here is where I wish to stay

That’s a fact

I will rise another day

Tomorrow I feel will be a better day

Just five minutes more would be bliss


It’s all in the mind

The look-er and the looked

fat or thin

perfect or not

who has the right to say beautiful or not

let people choose their true beauty

it’s thicker than skin.

In the holders eye and all that

an hour glass or love handles

why is it up to the masses?

what to and what not to

Stars endorse “Because you’re worth it!”

Promoting their books, who cares how they did it!

isn’t it up to me, I have to find the me

I can love

day and night cream.

To give me a younger look

Wrinkle cream stops me showing the

Tomato look

Don’t just wash

Wash and go

Don’t let it snow

Stand head and shoulders above the rest

Lip gloss to last for ever.

24 hour deodorant for a twenty something man

Heading for Old Spice as the hours tick by

Vast amounts of money spent in the pursuit

Of retaining a memory of what was

Truth be told you have no control

In the holders eye and all that

So who can say beautiful or not?

Red tape

It’s there

Just waiting

It’s never really seen

No one owns up to erecting it

It’s never man enough to say it was wrong

It’s just there

It has no owner

Forms don’t move it

Marching won’t see it off

It’s just there

Holding you up

Slowing you down

It feeds off your frustration

Boxing you black and blue

Headlines rage




No one answers your call to remove it

It stays

standing fast

the Cause now lost

In red tape!


Cards dealt,

Bet made

Whose holding

A winning hand?



The pot grows

Too high for some

I know what I’ve got

Can I take the shirt off his back?

A Jack, King, Queen, Ace, a Ten of Hearts

Are fanned before me

My three eights and a king high

Fall by the wayside

Those that folded

Rise and down two fingers

In salute to my poor bluff

My chips gone

I’ve lost

I’m out


I have a salad box

I eat from each day

I love my salad box

It makes me feel good every day

It helps me eat my five a day

And keeps that dreaded calories at bay

It even helps me save the planet

It every way!

It was a Dairy Milk chocolate box

Of which I ate the contents last Saturday.


Tuck your shirts in, kids hear me say

Tuck your shirts in, I say it every day

It’s amazing how may times a day

I have to say tuck your shirt in.

You’d think kids would get bored of me saying tuck your shirt in

every moment of the day yet still I say tuck your shirt in

I pass the same kids, again and again

So I say tuck your shirt in

What’s beyond believe is that I see them again

And you’ve guessed it - I have to say tuck your shirt in.

I swear they un-tuck it as I pass by

But how boring it is to hear me say

Tuck your shirts in, Tuck your shirts in,

I say it every day

It’s amazing how may times a day

I have to say tuck your shirt, tuck your shirt,

tuck your shirt,

tuck your shirt,

tuck your shirt,

tuck your shirt,

tuck your shirt,

tuck your shirt.


In a moment

they leave us

There’s no return

Your meaning

Lost in interpretation

Words hang

Papers play on

Headlines scream

What did you mean?

Words uttered, tempers fray

spoken in black n white

transmitted in colour

under tones spoken, heard by all

as comments fly, daggers hurt

yet their wounds heal

words explode, splitting worlds

no match for time

where does the fault lie?

In public place

On a pedestal we put

a star!

Nobody’s life has she saved

no cure has she found

we gave a mouth and breasts


Then exposed her colours

Cereal Killer

Each morning

I get up

I commit murder before 8am

I torture toast with heat,

I drown cornflakes in cow’s milk

I stab the butter, curse jam for its fat content

I drink coffee against my doctors advice

I return to medieval times, cracking eggs in Scolding oil

All this to prevent myself from becoming

A chalk outline before noon.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006



Immeasurable impact on human life

Global news

Stark white lab

harbouring orange glow

Their “Little Boy” starting

to breathe life

Cold hard shell shows great line

no prejudice

Ingredients designed to bring impact

To bring war to an end


beat western time

Nobel prize driving


calculations, theories

No prize for second place

National security founded on fear

Naive freedom ripples the land

no one will attack

Man is now as powerful as God himself



Concrete and lead bunkers

built to keep him out

Monopoly gone

Level playing field

Everyone’s a friend

Everyone’s a foe

Posing a threat to my

life, my peace

Over there somewhere

in my own back yard

The fight is over

Oil, gold, land and

dictator with his

weapon of choice

Unstable mushroom this is great

cloud hangs over

All Life

No allegiance

even to those who

Created it

Colourless Day

On a day much like today.

It came,

And chose to stay

It’s the third year now.

I don’t remember opening the door to it.

It just came.

Casting it’s dark shadow.

Outstaying it’s welcome.

The darkness is woven into

My clothes,

Penetrating my Skin.

Rubbing red raw sores in my flesh.

It controls me, consumes me,

Draining all colour from me.

Leaving muted tones of grey

Bleak, lifeless, soulless.

It sits on the fence.

I try to confront it,

I am overcome.

My life exhausted,

Only existence remains

My allied,

On life’s stage.

Mating Dance

Urban undergrowth

Hiding in plain sight.

The synthetic covering of life

Our only camouflage.

The ritual begins.

Having chosen a mate

She needs to make her intentions known.

Enticing, lustful movements

Withdraw him from the drum beat

To where enemies are few

Her assets encased in a

Light weight cotton armour

And her rear cupped in heavy blue drill

Cause Images to form in his minds eye.

She has got her prey.

They retreat back into the undergrowth.

Hidden again in plan sight.

Instant Dad

Just add water


cook for 60 seconds

the packet says.

Now someone

calls me Dad.

No nine months to go.

She was there

calling me dad.

She came with I do.

She calls me Dad,

I call her mine.

In an instant


Plastic combat

I have killed my brother.

In the service of an elite street delta force.

Five fingered pain inflictors my weapon of choice.

My platoon advance

taking reed defences by storm.

A new day, a new battle

yet the same conflict.

Old stains tell new stories.

We committed acts against trees,

left our parents for hours

only to return home

when hungry and

in need of a bath.

All this in the name of playtime.

Views from a queue

In Briton we love to queue

It starts when you’re in a


When life’s a race.

In a sudden moment

people everywhere

The whole world is Busy.

A flurry of men, women and brats

I want that and that and that!

Who will be first

To form the orderly queue?

You question the items in your basket

Did I really need the super size value pack?

Nevertheless, it goes on your plastic.

Deal of the day

Buy one get one free

pull you in

After all,

that’s how the shop got you in

to form an orderly queue.

Pages from a tube

Moving along

at a different pace.

Hustle bustle

generating the

noise of life.

I pod jewellery

adorn heads.

Phone calls


on invisible waves.

Past my ears

a thousand voices.

Polyphonic ring tones

deafen the noise.

The banks work force

Suited and booted.

The students of life

finding their way


locked in their own worlds.

People on the move

reading of stars and wanna-be’s.

Others flipping pages,

escaping to far flung


Reading snippets over shoulders

Never finding the end

Wondering what

happens next.

Pen to paper

Random thoughts scream

through my head

at a speed I cannot read.

Words, images

things not always there.

Stark white page,

dormant ink.

Blocked words,

scribbles not conforming

to the thoughts

in my head.

Ideas go as quickly as they come.

Which is right, which is wrong?

Re-write after edit.

The torment is never over.

It occupies my mind

day and night

The thoughts through my head

Take away

Grill the food


Swallow the food


Serve the drink


Gulp the drink


Make the dessert


Devour the dessert


Live life



The end.


To ban the ads

is only a fad.

It’s not the ads that

made me fat

It’s the fat that

made me fat.

The ad

contains no fat

so why ban the ad?

Will it stop me

being fat?


It’s the fat that

made me fat.

If only

It were true

that watching an ad made me fat.

For if it were so

I’d pull the plug

from the tube

and the fat would go.

But alas

It’s not

the ad

or the tube

It’s the fat

That made me fat